Friday, November 30, 2007

Dukes play Cal State Northridge tonight at 6pm

Here are the game previews from the two major Pittsburgh papers:

PG Preview
Trib Preview

You can hear the game in Pittsburgh on 1410am KQV
On the Internet at redzone media

Some other interesting tid bits and quotes regarding the Dukes and their game tonight:

"I'm familiar with them. I'm a California player and I know how California people play," said Duquesne freshman Bill Clark, a Redondo Beach native. "California players shoot 3s, they're flashy, they like to dunk and they like to run. That's pretty much how Northridge plays."

Duquesne athletic director Greg Amodio, who was planning to attend the two-day tournament, said Everhart's situation isn't anything to be alarmed about. "He's in Des Moines and he's ready to coach the team," Amodio said. "He's fine."

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