Thursday, December 20, 2007

(9) Pitt beats (7) Duke at MSG 65-64 in OT - Duquesne's RPI due to go up

It's weird but every time Pitt wins this season Duquesne's RPI will go up because of their loss to Pitt earlier this year. I hate rooting for Pitt, but in a weird way I can now justify enjoying Pitt wins at least to some extent. Of course I am always happy when Duke loses.

Since Duquesne lost to Pitt by 5, and Pitt beat Duke by 1, does that mean that Duquesne could compete with Duke? I have always hated these types of arguments especially in regards to college football:

Well my team beat team X, and team X beat team Y, and team Y beat team Z, and team Z is in the BCS title game so I think my team should be in the BCS title game. This argument was even more annoying before the BCS when several teams would lay claim to the national championship,but i digress.

Levance "Taser" Fields dropped 21 and scored the winning 3 for Pitt.

This is the type of celebration that says "yea I've won big games like this before" or not


In laws update:

I arrived at my in laws tonight at 830pm. Around 9pm I was given permission to turn on the Steelers game on their sick big screen HD. I am thinking to myself, "yes, score, I can watch the entire 2nd half!" No such luck, they do not get the NFL Network.

I hate you NFL Network!


CapitolMAN said...

That's awful news, Mr. Duke. Arguably the biggest night in Pgh sports television history. 3-3. Pitt wins a thriller, Pens nearly blow a 4-0 lead, but excite in shootout victory. And of course, the men of steel prevail.

Pitt's going to be in serious trouble without Mike Cook. The dude is a gamer; a scoring threat and tenacious defensively.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

it didnt stop them against Duke tonight.

Scoville said...

Doesn't the RPI matter more on who you beat and what they do, rather and who you lose to? Granted, losing to good teams stings a lot less than losing to bad ones, but what would help the team's RPI go up more than Pitt winning, is Niagra & Oakland to win a lot of games. (It would be bad for the RPI if losing Cook causes Pitt to go into the tank, but I think they're going to be ok.)

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

You make a good point, but hopefully later in the year when the Dukes are on the bobble for the NCAA tournament, or the NIT, we can talk about their loses to top 25 teams like, Pitt, WVU, and a strong Drake team.