Friday, December 28, 2007

Being the Favorite

The Dukes will be the favorite tonight when they play Robert Morris at the Palumbo Center in what some people are calling The City Game Part 2. First things first, we need a new nickname for this game, or at the very least we should not be calling it The City Game Part 2.

Being the favorite tonight scares me a little, of course a strong Robert Morris team scares me even more.

Tonight's game is going to be a big test for Duquesne.

  • Can the Dukes handle the pressure of being favored?

  • Can the Dukes win at home without the support of their student section?

  • Can the Dukes win with two of their star players at less than 100%? Shawn James has a bruised right forearm and Kojo Mensah missed practice yesterday due to back spasms. Both are expected to play tonight.

  • Can the Dukes handle an experienced Robert Morris squad which features two 1000 point career scorers and a third who is less than 40 points from 1,000?

I like the Dukes tonight but I feel a little bit like I did before the Steelers played the Jets this year, and that scares me.


phildogg said...

You gotta be kidding, this team doesn't have a Ricky Cannon who will lead to an upset.

Look for Dukes to run and gun and pull away in 2nd half.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I hope you are right.