Friday, December 14, 2007

Drake Bulldogs now 8-1

I guess this dog does pack a big bite

All of a sudden that loss to Drake doesn't look so bad. The Drake Bulldogs got some props from Storming the Floor as a part of their Auto-Bid Watch: The Surprises.

Here is a blurb from that post:
Drake Bulldogs, 8-1 (Missouri Valley) - A loss at St. Mary's doesn't look bad at all on this surging Valley upstart. They've also won at Wisconsin-Milwaukee and downed the Big 12's Iowa State at home by a bitch-slapping 35-point margin. They test themselves again, at big-brother Iowa, tonight at 8pm. They have another alliterative Korver brother - in this case Klayton - but the scoring comes from perimeter-threat guards Josh Young and Leonard Houston. Junior Forward Jonathan Cox is a good defensive rebounder, which always helps.
The Dukes also got a mention from College Hoops Journal
I just saw this:
Kieron Achara was named 11th best player in the A10 by College Hoops Net, Shawn James was listed as "Next in Line" after the top 20 players in conference. CHN formulated these rankings back on November 1st.

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