Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dukes have 2 more scholarships to give

Last night on the Ron Everhart show RE announced that the Dukes still have 2 scholorships to give and they are looking for a shot blocker and a post player who can play outside. Bringing in another guard was not mentioned, which begs the question what is going to happen with Kane from Schenley?

Here is how the Dukes recruiting class is shaping up so far:

Eric Evans - 5'11 - 180 pounds

Johnny Higgins - 6'1 - 185 pounds

Shawntez Patterson - 6'7 - 180 pounds

Ali Djim - 6'9 - 225 pounds

Eric Evans a point guard from Detroit, (who at this point seems to be the star of this year's recruiting class), had a monster game this week scoring 30+ points. Eric Evans is listed as the #1 combo guard in Michigan by Shawntez Patterson was ranked as the 11th best small forward in Michigan by the same site.


steve19981 said...

Evans is being considered for Mr. Basketball in Michigan. I really think that'd be a amazing mark for the program if he wins it.

The Duke said...

I couldn't agree more. Now if he can only convince one of Michigan's top power forwards or centers to come to Duquesne...