Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dukes vs. South Carolina Upstate Liveblog

4-3 - Shawn James scored the Dukes first points with a 3.

10-3 South Carolina Upstate leads, not good

Duquesne is 1-5 from the field so far

13-5 South Carolina leads with 15:07 to go. Wake up Duquesne

15-9 USCU leads - Shawn James now has 2 fouls

17-11 USCU maintains the lead

Nice run for the Dukes they take the lead 18-17
Shawn James already has committed 3 turnovers and has 2 fouls.

22-21 Duquesne leads

28-21 Duquesne leads

The Steelers go into half time losing 20-7.
The Charges lead Oakland 14-7

32-21 - The Dukes finally woke up
USCU cannot handle the Dukes defensive pressure.
The Dukes are on a 10-0 run

36-22 - Dukes lead, Shawn James now has 11 points and 1 block and is actually calling for the ball when he is under the hoop.

41-25 - Well this is more of what I expected. Kojo and James are both having nice games.

Duquesne has turned the ball over 9 times so far in the 1st half.

Brailsford hits a LONG 3 pointer at the half time buzzer to make it a 10 Dukes halftime lead.

Halftime score - 41-31

Dukes standouts:
Shawn James: 11 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1 steal
Kojo Mensah: 10 points, 2 assists, 0 turnovers
Duquesne was 12-13 from the foul line

USCU standouts:
Nick Schneiders: 8 points and 1 rebound

2nd half:
47-31 - James continues his sick play with his 3rd block and 7th rebound

9 point USCU run, Dukes lead cut to 47-41

Steelers now trail 27-7
Chargers lead Oakland 24-10

Binghamton defeated St. Bonaventure 64-59

The Dukes now lead 53-40, being led by James with 14 points and 7 rebounds

Achara caught Schneiders with an elbow causing a bloody nose.

61-50 Duquesne leads, USCU keeps hanging around

63-55 USCU hanging around

Bill Clark has hit 3, 3 point shots and has 10 points so far tonight
Dukes lead 66-55

73-60 Duquesne -- The CSTV Game tracker is frozen, this happens every freaking game!

27-14 Ravens lead the Steelers - The Steelers just recovered an onside kick after a long Santonio Holmes TD pass.

Achara has 12 points and hopefully his performance tonight will help get him out of the funk he has been in the last few games.

80-62 Duquesne leads - Bill Clark just made his 4th 3 pointer.

Schneiders has a career high 13 points for USCU

Shawn James has 18 points tonight for Duquesne
The Dukes lead 82-64

84-66 is the final.
Duquesne is now 9-3
James 20 points 9 rebounds
Bill Clark 13 points 10 rebounds
Mensah 14 points, 2 assists 1 turnover

Box Score

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Dutch said...

The GameTracker problem is a DU problem. I have kept track of many games on GameTracker and the DU site is always frozen or they stop updating.

The attention to detail is still lacking at DU