Monday, December 24, 2007

The Future Looks so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

PG article on Super Frosh Damian Saunders

Transfers Kojo Mensah and Shawn James have been making Ron Everhart look good all season long, but this year's freshman, Damian Saunders, Bill Clark, and David Theis are making waves now and the future look even brighter for Duquesne.

There have been times this season when I've said to myself, "when Kojo and Shawn James leave Duquesne this team will take a big hit" but now I realize that isn't true. Ron Everhart is not only giving his young players lots of playing time, but the freshman are also playing in crucial situations.

If RE had to chose his best 5 players Damian Saunders would be part of that 5. Saunders is the most talented of the freshman, and he has the speed and athleticism to be a star in the Atlantic 10. Bill Clark is a RE favorite due to his overall tenacity, tough defense, hussle, and 3 point shooting ability. David Theis is the least used of the freshman, however he did receive his first start of the season Friday night against Saint Francis. Theis may never be a superstar but he has a nice 6'8 build, a strong shooting touch, and at the very least will provide the kind of inside depth that every competitive team needs. Duquesne fans can only hope that the 07-08 recruiting class has as much impact as this group.

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