Monday, December 17, 2007

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

A morning reading of the Post Gazette made me remember Highlights for Children Magazine. I used to get stuck reading this when I had to wait for long periods of time in either my doctor's or dentist's office waiting room as a child. Anyway, the "Where are they now?" section of the Dukes Notebook in this morning's PG made me think of the one exercises in Highlights where you had to compare two pictures and mark the differences between them. It would appear that there are not many differences between a recent post on Dukes Court and the Dukes Notebook in the PG.

Click the two links below and see if you can find many differences:

My post last week

The Dukes Notebook from the PG this morning - scroll down to the bottom

No mention of Dukes Court in the PG however.


Thanks to Scoville for pointing this out to me.

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apostles03 said...

I noticed it, too. Now you are a member of the fraternity...Are you telling me that you aren't honored by having been poached by one of America's Greatest Newspapers?