Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Day After

Here are our new rankings after the loss to UMass:

RPI: #82
Sagarin: #54
Kenpom/Pomeroy: #58

I was holding out hope that the Dukes had a shot at an at large bid to the NCAA Tournament going into last night's game but that dream is gone. The Dukes only shot at the big dance will come with an automatic bid in the A10 Tournament and I no longer think that is a realistic dream. Going to the NIT Tournament two years after winning only 3 games would still be a huge accomplishment for the Duquesne basketball program. The NIT Tournament is not a guarantee however, the Dukes will need to rebound from the tough loss last night, go up to Olean New York and take care of business against the Bonnies, and then come home and get ready for a big game against St. Joe's next Wednesday.


phildogg said...

Voy Board posters are making foolish rants about student fans, coach, etc.,etc.

This is a program that really was one of the WORST in the D-I world just 2 years ago.

It will take time to get respect from the conference, kind of like Dukes thinking St. Francis, PA game is a big deal. it is for them, but not for us.

Teams still expect to beat Dukes as they have for decades in this conference.

We need some bulk and height inside to win in the conference, period.

We can not expect to win many of the top 5 teams games because they do have the size.

UMASS has 4 seniors in the line ups and a coach who kicked their assses after two losses, we just were in the way.

Out-classed last night, but better days are ahead.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the voy board?

Can someone throw me a link?

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

the voy board is listed as the Duquesne Dukes Forum on the link list on the sidebar.

steve19981 said...

I wouldn't want to be a Bonnie on Saturday. This teams going to be looking for blood.

You're spot on about the loss to UMass and its effects on our post season outlook. I was thinking that this game was do or die for the Duke's NCAA hopes even before the rankings came out and confirmed it. It was our best shot at a quality win with our remaining schedule. That being said, the NIT is even going to be a stretch at this point. I think we'll need to sweep the home schedule and win the first game or two of the conference tourney to have a shot.