Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dukes listed on ESPN's Bubble Watch

ESPN Bubble Watch

Scroll down to the Atlantic 10 section to read about the Dukes.

I spent the last few days complaining about a lack of local media attention and now I get this from ESPN. Now all I need is a Dukes upset of Rhode Island and I'll be happy.


Anonymous said...

is the game really on FSN pittsburgh at 5 today, it has a women's game listed.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

no one is really sure if the game will be shown on TV in Pittsburgh or not. we will just have to wait on see. If i hear anything i'll post it.

phildogg said...

I am in Ft Myers, Fl so only way I can see games is tv or finding an internet feed, didn't pick up Cox Broadcasting in N. England so it is gametracker and and ray goss. I am checking your site daily and really am impressed. Thanks again for your efforts from an old timer who saw his first Duquesne game in 1964 and started listening in 1962.