Monday, January 14, 2008

Friends of Dukes Court

Dukes Court has grown substantially during the first 2 months of existence and a lot of that growth is due to links from fellow bloggers.

Being a frequent reader of many Pittsburgh sports blogs I requested links for Dukes Court from some of my favorite Pittsburgh sports blogs including: - Mondesishouse is one of the most popular sports blogs in Pittsburgh. It is frequently mentioned on the Mark Madden show and recently added several new writers to its staff in an attempt to provide more posts for its demanding fans. I am a frequent commenter on this site and visit it almost daily.

Honest Wagner - If you love the Pittsburgh Pirates and you enjoy reading blogs chances are you have already found one of the best Pirates blogs out there, Honest Wagner. Honest Wagner was one of the first blogs I ever read and is a must read during Pirates season. Honest Wagner has a dedicated following and very knowledgeable writers and commenter's. Wilbur T. Miller is a frequent commenter and a Pirates expert who has been mentioned in the PG several times for his baseball knowledge.

Where have you gone, Andy Van Slyke? - Another great Pirates blog with a tireless author at the helm. How Pat, the author, can write something original about the Pirates everyday during the off season is beyond me. If you are a fan of the Buccos check out this site.

The Pens Blog - Very funny Pens blog with tons of great pictures. They have a new banner almost daily and had one of my recent favorite blog posts about NHL Mascots.

Here are a few Pittsburgh sports blogs I have recently discovered who support Dukes Court:

Pierogi's N'at - This blog launched around the same time as Dukes Court and is simply hilarious. The writers from Pierogi's N'at will also be doing some posting for Mondesishouse.

Pitt Blather - Ok I know it is sacrilege to link to a Pitt blog but the Pitt Blather is a crazy good blog about Pitt sports. If you follow Pitt and you haven't been to this blog, shame on you.

Raise the Jolly Roger! - This is another recent addition to the blogosphere. Raise the Jolly Roger is a general Pittsburgh sports blog that promises to focus on the Pirates come baseball season.

My life isn't totally centered around sports, (my fiance would disagree with me) and here are a couple non-sports blogs I am a fan of:

The Darn News - This description says it all: "In the Internets blogosphere, readers are fed content by two separate yet equally important groups: the journalists who report the stories and the bloggers who make rude jokes at their expense. These are their jokes. " Mostly political stories and some Pittsburgh stuff too. If you like intelligent humorous writing check out The Darn News.

The Chief's Forum - First things first I'd like to thank the The Chief, he has been a strong supporter of Dukes Court. The Chief's Forum is mostly general commentary focused on sports, books, and hatred of all things Ohio State. The Chief is a funny guy and his blog deserves some attention.

Dukes Court has also received support from several national college basketball blogs including:

Storming the Floor - STF is one of the most popular college basketball blogs out there. My favorite aspect of STF is that it doesn't just focus on the big schools like North Carolina and Duke, STF watches all of college basketball and reports on it. Storming the Floor recently asked me to write a post about Duquesne Basketball to appear on their blog. I submitted my post to STF this afternoon and expect to see it later this week.

March to Madness - MtM is a blog I recently discovered that covers college basketball on a national basis and has a loose focus on San Diego State.

YocoHoops - Another national college basketball blog I recently discovered. The author of this blog just returned from a trip to Israel and should return to blogging soon. His readers are happy to have him back.

Thanks again to all of the blogs and bloggers who support and link to Dukes Court.


The Chief said...

My thanks, Duke! Truth be told, I have a great deal of respect for The Duke's Court as it is a site that has a central theme of which I was not all that familiar with before visiting.

I really enjoy dropping by and checking out some of the news on the Dukes' season and - ESPECIALLY - I like the little nods to Duquesne sports history.

Keep up the great work and thanks for the nod!

P.S. I still say these things with all sincerity even though you're a little suspect for liking the movie Superbad - HA! - only kidding!

Dutch said...

Off-topic. To show how irrelevant the Pirates have become in Pittsburgh ask 5 people the name of the new Pirates manager. One will know if you are lucky. Maybe less.

I have no idea what his name is.

Pat said...

Thanks for the kind words, Duke. I wish this site existed when I was at Duquesne. Perhaps it would've given me a bit more incentive to follow the woeful team that wore red and blue during my time on the Bluff.

Matt H said...

Just added you you to my blogroll

bmac21 said...

Thanks a lot and great job with your blog as well. Good luck to the Dukes the rest of the year as well

-BMAC from Raise the Jolly Roger!