Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Live Blogging the 2nd half - Bowling Green

Bowling Green played 4 different players 15 minutes or more in the 1st half. That doesn't bode well for BG.

BG continue their run scoring the first bucket of the 2nd half, making it a 10-0 run.

so much for that run, Tucker with a 3.

Reggie Jackson drops a 3. Gotta love Reggie lately.

RE going with the 2 platoon system in the 2nd half including a 2nd half apperance from David Theis.
42-36 Dukes

Chris Knight, BG's star, just was called for his 3rd foul and left the game with an injury, we dont know how serious it is.

44-38 - Knight back into the game for BG

46-38 Dukes - David Theis with 2 more points

BG has 6 team fouls with 14:40 to go in the 2nd half.

48-44 Dukes - 5 unanswered by BG

57 -44 Dukes - 7 point run by the Dukes
Kieron Achara with 4 blocks thus far
Saunders with an alleyoop assisted by Reggie Jackson

61-49 Dukes -
RE has used the 2 platoon the entire 2nd half. no sign of Fayne in the 2nd half, Theis seems to have stolen his minutes

Saunders is turning it on in the 2nd half.

62-56 Dukes - 9 minutes left - BG on a big run, Theis picks up his 4th foul. What's the deal he always gets in foul trouble.

64-60 Dukes - Brian Moten is turning it on in the 2nd half for BG, he now has 8 points, all in the 2nd half. This is getting scary.

71-63 Dukes - 6 minutes left - Damian Saunders is playing crazy good defense as always.
Reggie Jackson already has a season high tonight with 15

76-65 Dukes - 4 minutes left - Duquesne is now playing a 2-3 zone, yes the Dukes are playing a zone.

78-67 Dukes - 3 minutes left
RE has given up on the 2 platoon system
BG 18-29 from the free throw line

80-70 Dukes - 2 minutes left - Reggie Jackson with 17 points

86-76 Dukes - 1 minute left - Reggie Jackson with 19 points tonight - lots of fouling to end this one

GVB just quoted Star Trek during the radio broadcast, "Resistance is futile."

96-78 Final - Duquesne defeats Bowling Green

Reggie Jackson with 19 points a season high
Kojo with 18 points
Aaron Jackson and Achara with 12 each

Duquesne is now 10-3 and has equaled their win total from last season

Box Score

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