Monday, January 28, 2008

What is the story with Stephen Wood?

The Dukes blew out GW on Saturday night and at the end of the game Ron Everhart emptied his bench, except Stephen Wood. Three walkons saw minutes including Jason Duty who sees regular PT, Jimmy Sherwood, and little used Lucas Newton. This was shocking to me.

I do not understand why he wouldn't see a couple of minutes at the end of a blowout. I have two theories: 1. he is hurt or 2. he is in Ron Everhart's doghouse big time. Wood was banged up earlier this year and it has been rumored that Wood was not in the regular rotation earlier this year because he didn't play tough enough defense.

Wood was recruited out of Monsignor McClancy in Queens New York and came to Duquesne with a decent amount of fanfare. He played a lot of minutes last year as a true freshman averaging 15 minutes a game. This year Wood has only appeared in 3 games and each of those appearances was for just one minute.

Assuming Wood is not hurt, if Ron Everhart is not going to even play Wood, a scholarship player, in garbage time at the end of a big win, why are we wasting a scholarship on him? If Ron Everhart is not going to play Wood I hope for the sake of both Duquesne and Stephen Wood that RE asks Wood to transfer after the season, again all of this is assuming Wood is healthy.

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