Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Duquesne at Dayton Live Blog

Dukes down 5-0 to start the game

11-6 Dayton - Dukes look flat to start the game

14-6 Dayton - Dayton on a 7-0 run

James and Mensah finally check into the game at the 16 minute mark

18-6 Dayton -11-0 Dayton run

18-9 Dayton - James hits a 3 to end the Duquesne run of cold shooting
The Dukes are 3-12 from the floor to start the game

22-19 Dayton
Dayton is using a lot of players early in this game.
Achara has 2 fouls

27-22 Dayton - 6 minutes left 1st half
The Dukes have held Brian Roberts to 2 points thus far
Aaron Jackson has 8 points thus far
Dayton is passing the ball extremely well thus far

31-27 Dayton - Mensah is playing very well thus far.

35-30 Dayton - 2:45 left in the 1st half
Brian Roberts has 7 points for Dayton
Bill Clark has 3 fouls, he is off tonight.

39-34 Dayton - HALF TIME SCORE

Some half time stats:
Brian Roberts has 10 points, 3 assists, 1 turnover and 2 fouls

Aaron Jackson leads all Dukes with 10 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 0 turnovers
Gary Tucker has 7 points, 2 assists and 2 steals

Duquesne is shooting:
39 FG%
4-5 for 80FT%
4-15 for 26% 3P%

Dayton is shooting
66 FG%
4-9 for 44FT%
3-4 for 75% 3P%

At one point the Dukes trailed Dayton 18-6 in the first half.

The Dukes have played poorly thus far and are only down 5 points at the half. If the Dukes can get their act together they can steal this game.

The Pens trail Boston 2-0 in the 1st period.


42-40 Dayton - Dukes look great to start the 2nd half

42-42 - TIE GAME!! - 15:27 left 2nd half
Achara looks great in the 2nd half

Pens 0 -Bruins 2 - 1st intermission

45-42 Dayton - 15 points for Brian Roberts, but now he has 3 fouls

46-45 Duquesne leads for the first time tonight!!
Dayton is 5-13 from the FT line

47-46 Dayton

51-48 Dayton - Roberts is getting hot he now has 17 points
Sandoval and Roberts have 3 fouls for Dayton

52-51 Duquesne - this game is back and forth right now, very exciting 2nd half
14 Dayton turnovers vs. only 6 for Duquesne

55-53 Duquesne - Aaron Jackson with 17 points
Duquesne is now using a full court press

55-53 Duquesne - 5:16 left 2nd half
Bill Clark now has 4 fouls, he looks lost tonight

57-55 Duquesne - 4 minutes left
Dayton is 5-15 from the FT line

60-55 Duquesne - 2 minutes left James with a HUGE 3

60-58 Duquesne Roberts answers with a huge 3

63-58 Duquesne - James with ANOTHER 3!!! 1:34 left in the 2nd half - Dayton possession timeout on the floor

63-59 Duquesne - 1:17 to go
Dayton is 6-17 from the FT line

63-59 Duquesne leads - 25 seconds left - Dayton possession

63 - 61 Duquesne leads - Duquesne possession - 21.4 seconds left
Dukes can't imbound the ball - timeout Duquesne
Dukes call ANOTHER timeout, they still can't imbound the ball

TURNOVER Duquesne - Dayton possession

17.4 seconds left - Dukes lead by 2

Binnie misses a 3!!

DUQUESNE WINS 63-61!!!!!!!!


craig950 said...

dayton is shooting the lights out, if they cool off, the dukes can make a run and win this game. for as poor as they shot in the first half, to only be down 5 is great. the first couple minutes of the second half are gonna set the tone!

Anonymous said...

I like our chances here. This is not as good as Duquesne can play, but they are only down 5 at the half. We really need to focus on feeding the ball to Shawn James inside to get some easy shots.

Anonymous said...

back-to-back Shawn James 3's!!!!! ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!!! CLUTCH SHOOTING!!!!

craig950 said...

what a game!!! the dukes gotta pull this one out!!!!!!!!!

craig950 said...

unreal!!(we tried to give it away), but we finally got over the hump(as RE just put it). what a win for this team!!!