Saturday, February 9, 2008

Duquesne vs. La Salle Live Blog

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Pens 4 Kings 1 - 3rd period - Malkin has 2 goals

Kojo Mensah is not dressed for the game today due to the flu.

The Dukes are not playing 1040

6-2 Dukes early

Achara and Shawn James are now on the floor together

James with a dunk, assist Achara
10-2 Dukes 16 minutes left

12-4 Dukes

14-4 Dukes this time James feeds Achara for an easy layup

16-4 Dukes - Kieron already has 8 points for the Dukes

Pens just scored its now 3-0 Pens 2nd period

20-7 Dukes - Duty is in the lineup, it looks like he will take the extra minutes with Kojo out

Rodney Green just picked up his 2nd foul for La Salle

20-8 Dukes 12 minutes left 1st half

20-14 Dukes - 7 point La Salle run

22-16 Dukes - neither team has made a 3 yet.

22 - 18 Dukes - 10 -2 La Salle run

24 - 20 Dukes - Tucker slams home a alleyoop

28 - 24 Dukes - Paul Johnson with 8 points for La Salle
5:53 remaining 1st half

Pens scored again - Stall with his 8th of the season , the Pens now lead 4-0

35-29 Dukes lead - 3:57 remaining

35-35 tie game - Duke are getting killed on the glass
6-0 La Salle run

40 -35 Dukes big three by Clark
5-0 Dukes run

45-37 Dukes at the half
10-2 Duquesne run to end the half

Harris has 2 points for La Salle, he is their leading scorer for the season

The Dukes led by as many as 13 early in the 1st half

Half time stats:
La Salle
Paul Johnson with 13 points for La Salle
Darnell Harris with only 2 points - he
40% fg%
1-12 from beyond the arch

Kieron Achara 10 points - 5 rebounds - 2 blocked shots
Aaron Jackson 9 points
Reggie Jackson 9 points
50% from the field
9 turnovers
Shawn James played only 7 minutes


Start of the 2nd half

51-41 Dukes
Achara has 13 points

53-43 Dukes
James checks in, Achara and James in together again
Achara is playing lights out this afternoon

61-45 Dukes - Achara just hit a 3!! Kieron has 21 points!!!
This is the biggest lead of the game for the Dukes
15 minutes left - this game is far from over if Darnell Harris gets hot for La Salle

61-49 Dukes - 14 minutes left - Harris is starting to get his game on here in the 2nd half

61-51 Dukes - Harris with 2 more for La Salle
6-0 run La Salle

65-53 Dukes

Kings just scored 4-2 Pens lead with less than 2 minutes left

65-60 Dukes
8-0 La Salle run

Pens game is over 4-2 Pens win

68-63 Dukes
11-3 La Salle run
Duquesne can't figure out La Salle's zone

71-63 Dukes
back to back 3's for Duquesne!

74-63 Dukes
back to back to back 3's for Duquesne - 9-0 run!

79-65 Dukes - 6 minutes left
14 point Duquesne lead

83-74 Dukes - 3 minutes left

85-74 Dukes 3 minutes left
Reggie Jackson with 19 points

89-74 Dukes 2 minutes left
Saunders with 2 dunks!

91-76 Dukes 2 minutes left

93-76 Dukes 1 minute left - you can check this off as a win

95-81 Dukes less than one minute left
here comes the foul parade

101-84 Dukes win!


Dutch said...

We need everyone we have. Go Dukes!

Dutch said...

Great start!!!

Dutch said...

Gees, the TV director likes to change camera shots alot.

Dutch said...

Any idea how deep LaSalle is?

Do they play 8 or 9?

craig950 said...

these are the worst announcers i have ever heard.
i think not having kojo could hurt come crunch time.
i think lasalle plays betw. 8-9 but not sure if they said one of their players was out or limited today.

Anonymous said...

Need a strong start to the 2nd half to avoid the type of ending we saw at Fordham.

This broadcast has the look and feel of a HS game on PCN form the announcers to the camera angles and graphics.

Anonymous said...

These refs are a minute or two away from losing this game entirely

craig950 said...


Anonymous said...

I give some credit to LaSalle, they just do not go away. Granted, our shooting is way off today, but they're a fiesty little team.

Dutch said...

Hold On Boys!! Hold On.

craig950 said...

the dukes seem to fall asleep every game for about 3 minutes and they always let teams back in. lasalle is hanging tough
under 4 to go. dukes up by 9

craig950 said...

these announcers are really killing me. they want to change to rule book now to suit their own needs. unreal

craig950 said...

century mark!