Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For the first time in 10 years

The Dukes defeat St. Joe's 102-88. The Dukes did not play the 10/40 tonight, instead Ron Everhart went with a more traditional 8 man rotation. From the start of the game the Dukes played with a lot of energy and frankly they out hustled and wore out the Hawks. The Dukes shot 60% from the field tonight after shooting a combined 35% in their last two games. Duquesne made the Hawks pay from the free throw line tonight going 29-37 for 78%.

  • Shawn James recorded the first triple double in Duquesne history with 17 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 blocked shots.

  • Aaron Jackson played his best game of the season by far tonight. Jackson's hustle was contagious. Jackson's smart play and tough defense helped the Dukes pull to a 22 point halftime lead. Aaron ended the game with 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists on 6-7 shooting from the field. Jackson left the game mid-way through the second half when he was punched/elbowed in the stomach while trying to block a Hawk shot. Jackson returned later in the 2nd half, still holding his stomach at times, and provided valuable minutes for Duquesne.

  • While Aaron Jackson provided great defense Gary Tucker was brilliant on offense tonight, especially in the 1st half. Tucker ended the game with 18 points, on 4-9 from the field and 9-11 from the charity stripe.

  • Kojo Mensah played with composure for the first time in awhile tonight. Kojo ended the game with 19 points on 4-6 from the field and 10-12 from the free throw line.

  • Damian Saunders finally got out of his slump and got back to what he had been doing so well earlier this season playing great defense and making open shots when they presented themselves. Saunders had 14 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

  • Kieron Achara left the game early in the 2nd half because he had two teeth knocked out. Coach Everhart said during the post game show that Achara was in the ER dealing with his teeth. James stepped up in Kieron's absence with one of his best performances this year.

The Dukes ended St. Joe's 6 game winning streak, and got a much needed win after loses of 14 and 15 points to UMass and St. Bonaventure respectively. The Dukes are now 14-7 overall and 4-4 in A10 play. Duquesne travels to La Salle on Saturday. The Explorers whipped GW 80-58 on the road tonight and are now 9-12 on the season.


  • Pittsburgh Steeler defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau was in attendence at the game tonight.
  • Ron Everhart said during the post game show that 4 NBA scouts were at the Palumbo Center to watch Shawn James tonight. It's safe to say that James impressed his NBA fans.


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phildogg said...

I was on the Hawk message board and some are blaming the schedule,injured players,lack of depth, poor defense on James and Mensah for loss. Oh yes, and also the Coach.

Isn't it nice to hear the other team's fans complain when they get their A$$ES KICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

There were a pair of St. Joe's fans sitting behind me at the game and I turned around to look at them during halftime when the Dukes led by 22 and they looked dumbfounded. Their faces might as well have been question marks.

The Hawks are in the middle of a tough stretch of games and the loss of Nivens hurt them big time last night, but the end all be all is that Duquesne simply outplayed St. Joe's last night.

Scoville said...

Duke - was that you with the Norm Nixon jersey calling out the refs for not calling intentional foul after Aaron Jackson was being repeatedly mugged? Section B5 or so? Those Hawks played rough last night.

Saunders is really becoming a team leader. During the first half, when the Hawks were surging, he pulled all the Dukes on the floor together to rally them at least twice. He was calming Shawn James down too after one of his "over the back" fouls during the first half.

Also impressive - the Dukes half court offense - especially in the first half. Guess that happens when you have your perimeter players drain shots like that.

I mentioned this on DS this morning - the Saint Joe's mascot flapping his wings the entire game was strangely hypnotic.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Yes that was me in the Norm Nixon jersey screaming at the refs last night from my normal seat in section A3. What can I say when a Duke gets punched in the face I get upset.

Saunders is a leader, the scary thing is that he is a freshman, imagine the influence he will have when he is a junior and senior?

The Dukes do a great job in the half court against man to man defense. What the Dukes seem to struggle against is zone defense. Umass did a great job of switching defenses throughout the game and the Dukes didn't know how to react to the changes.

As for the Hawk mascot, he is one of the most famous mascots in all of college basketball. He flaps his wings the entire game, and actually receives a scholarship from the school for being the mascot. He has a locker in the locker room and everything.

here is an older article about the mascot:

Bmac21 said...

very impressive, glad to hear about the awesome win