Friday, February 8, 2008

Playing against Man or Zone Defense

The Dukes offense looked nearly perfect on Wednesday night against St. Joe's, shooting 60% from the field, but only two games earlier against UMass it looked confused and anemic, what happened? UMass primarily played zone defense, and they switched which type of defense they played throughout the game leaving the Dukes confused and unable to adjust. St. Joe's played man to man defense almost the entire game.

I am surprised an experianced head coach like Phil Martelli wouldn't see the success that UMass had with switching defenses and use it against the Dukes. It also didn't make sense for St. Joe's who has a short bench to play man to man against a team that likes to run and has depth. Regardless, Ron Everhart has to get the Dukes prepared to play against a zone defense in the very near future.

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