Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Shaq / Marion Trade

Yes I know this is a Duquesne Blog but I am also a big Phoenix Suns fan and I had to give my two cents about the Shaq / Shawn Marion trade.

My first reaction to this deal was something along the lines of: "What are the Suns thinking trading a guy whose nickname is "The Matrix" for a guy who is way past his prime and is being paid a ton of money?" After I stopped swearing at Steve Kerr I decided to take an objective look at this trade.

The Suns are tired of getting that grumpy look from Marion

Shawn Marion is not happy in Phoenix. Marion wants to play SF but is forced to play PF and play defense against much bigger tougher players than himself. Marion is a fantastic defensive player and is able to handle himself well against bigger competition, but he just doesn't like playing power forward. The Suns have done what they can to try and make Marion happy but it hasn't worked. Marion can opt out of his contact after this season so the Suns could lose Marion this off-season, or be stuck with a moody superstar who is due 17.1 million for the 2008-09 season.

Surprise surprise, Shaq is on the floor clutching his knee

Will the addition of Shaq make the Suns a more legit threat for an NBA title this year? Shaq is slow, frequently injured, and he doesn't fit into the Suns run and gun system. I don't like the idea of a team in 2008 counting on Shaq and Grant Hill, not to mention a frequently banged up 33 year old Steve Nash at PG. What Shaq can do is guard Tim Duncan in the playoffs, and he represents another legit low post threat for the Suns (when he is healthy) who have been weak down low for what seems like forever.

This is where Marcus Banks does most of his work, the bench

Don't forget about Marcus Banks. The Suns signed Banks a few years back to be a capable back up to Nash. Banks has been terrible, the Suns don't want him on their roster and have been stuck with his contract that pays him 4 million a season through the 2010-11 season. The Suns are very happy to get rid of Banks and his contract. Shaq is due 20 million next season and 20 million in the 2009-10 season.

Here are the Pros and Cons of this trade for the Suns:

  • Pros:
    The Suns get rid of Marcus Banks and his contract that runs through 2010-11

  • By trading Marion now the Suns eliminate the chance of Marion sticking around for next season, when he would earn 17 million. Marion is a great player, and he deserves his big contract, but he just isn't happy as a Sun, and as long as he is on the team I don't think they can win a title.

  • Shaq can fill in for Amare when he gets tired, and he provides another legit low post player for the Suns who have struggled against teams with talented centers in the past, namely Tim Duncan


  • Shaq is old, frequently injured and will make 20 million next year, and 20 million in 2009-2010.

All salary information was gathered from Hoops Hype.

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