Thursday, February 21, 2008

Xavier Live Blog

Ron Everhart said that he might use the two platoon system tonight against Xavier during the pregame show.

It's official the Dukes are going back to the two platoon 10/40 system tonight.

3-0 Dukes - Shawn James opens the scoring with a 3 pointer.

5-0 Dukes - James with a block and then a layup, he has all 5 points in the game.

6-5 Xavier - that lead didn't last long
Xavier has 7 rebounds, Duquesne 2

10-6 Dukes - Tucker with 5 straight points

14-11 Dukes - Well it looks like we have a shot in this one so far.
The Dukes are moving 4 men in and out of the game at a time, not 5.

15-14 Dukes - 11:57 left 1st half

21-15 Xavier - 7 unanswered for Xavier

23-15 Xavier - make that 9 unanswered
Xavier has 11 rebounds, Duquesne only has 3

27-24 Xavier - 3 pointers by 3 different Dukes bring us back into the game. finally we get some big 3s!

33-26 Xavier -
The Dukes have airballed a number of 3s already
The Dukes aren't playing that well but they are hanging around. Kind of reminds me of the Dayton game...

36-26 Xavier - Shawn James hasn't scored since he made a 3 to start the game. He is now 1-5 so far tonight.

40-26 Xavier - Xavier is on a 13-2 run

42-26 Xavier - 15-2 Xavier run
18 Xavier rebounds, only 9 rebounds for Duquesne

45-26 Xavier - LONG 3 by Xavier to end the half.
26 points is the least amount of points the Dukes have scored in the 1st half all season

Odd that Ron Everhart didn't use any of his timeouts to try and stop the momentum from Xavier's many runs this half. The Dukes were up at one point 15-14 before Xavier went on a 12-0 run.

I guess we know why Xavier is one of the top teams in the country, and why Sean Miller is considered one of the best yougn coaching minds in the NCAA. Hat's off to Xavier, they played great defense in the first half and converted their own scoring opportunities.

Half time stats:
Xavier 23
Duquesne 9

Field Goals
Xavier 17-31, 54%
Duquesne 10-30, 33%

Xavier 14
Duquesne 7

The numbers don't lie Duquesne got crushed in the first half.

Start of the 2nd Half:

Well it went from bad to worse, Aaron Jackson is on the floor hurt. Could this get worse?

49-28 Xavier

Aaron Jackson is back in the game, thank GOD!

50-32 Xavier
Xavier has 10 offensive rebounds
Duquesne has 12 TOTAL rebounds

55-34 Xavier
The Dukes have committed 2 shot clock violations in this game. Xavier plays tenacious defense, wow, impressive.

57-34 Xavier is not only pulling away but they are putting on a show for their hometown fans.

Will this game ever end?

60-36 Xavier

60-40 Xavier
James with 11 points, 5 rebounds and 7 blocks

66-45 Xavier - is this over yet?

68-45 Xavier - 3 minutes left. call off the dogs Mr. Miller

70-45 Xavier
3rd shot clock violation by Duquesne tonight. Seriously? YES!

Final Score:
75-48 Xavier


craig950 said...

haha. i was just thinking about all the airballs already too...

craig950 said...

well, xavier is ranked in the top 10 for a reason. there is one knock lately agains xavier, and that is they have been known to blow leads lately, even though they have been holding on to win.

goduquesne12 said...

showed the highlights of this game on the halftime show of pitt/nd. they are just pounding it down our throats and we have no way to stop it.

craig950 said...

dayton is up by 9 on lasalle and umass and RI are tied. i will check out the highlights during the RI/umass game...

phildogg said...


craig950 said...

can we make it respectable in the second half????

Mr. Anonymous said...

relax, phildogg. Give some credit to a Top 10 team.

On the other hand, I never realized how hard it is to shoot the ball in 35 seconds. These shot clock violations are sickening.

craig950 said...

the shot clock violations are just plain bad. is that poor coaching or just dumb playing, or is it great defense?