Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dukes lose another close one 82-79

Can the Dukes win a close game, that was the question that every Dukes fan had to be asking themselves coming into tonight's game. The Dukes have only won 1 game this season by single digits. The Explorers kept the game close and the game was tied at 79 with less than a minute to go, Duquesne had the ball. The Dukes presumably in control of the game promptly turned the ball over. Aaron Jackson fouled Green with 23 seconds left. Green made 1 of his 2 free throws. The Dukes were then down by 1 with 23 seconds left, the shot clock turned off. Will the Dukes get the monkey off their back?

The answer?

The Dukes promptly turned the ball over...

La Salle made their free throws and the Dukes season is over. The broken record continues, the Dukes cannot win close games.


Darnell Harris 21 points for La Salle
Rodney Green scored 18 for La Salle

"The General" Reggie Jackson scored a career high 29 points, and 4 three pointers in a losing effort for Duquesne.


The Chief said...

You've got me pullin' for 'em now! I follow them only through The Duke's Court so my knowledge is limited but I say - GO DUKES!

jaygeekray said...

Too quick of an ending to the Dukes turnaround season...although we can't complain about 17 wins...3 weeks ago we all expected more...let's hope that Shawn's surgery is a success and Billy and Damian come back even stronger for their sophomore of luck to the awesome Senior guards that leave and what more can be said about Achara and his back-to-back A10 Student Athlete awards...the sting of this season hurts now but we will always remember the year the Dukes became relevant again...I don't know anything about the incoming recruits, but I hope there are some guards capable of jumping in with Kojo from day one...LET'S GO DUKES !!!

Scoville said...

End of the game was sort of the story of this year for the Dukes - so close, yet couldn't finish. Let's hope that the team has, as the cliche goes, learned to win the close ones. That and learned to beat a zone defense.

Excellent work blogging all season. I know that after some of those losses, I didn't want to think about basketball, so I respect all the work you did, especially after some of the heartbreakers.

After two late season collapses in a row - I think it is safe to say that RE will be here again next season. Or at least, safer to say than at the early part of the season.