Thursday, March 20, 2008

Working for has hired me to cover basketball recruiting for our beloved Duquesne Dukes. I will be running Duquesne's Rivals page, Someone else had been running the site until 2004, but it has not been updated since then. I have written several posts this week for the and as I add more coverage the older stuff will slowly filter off of the page. will soon be featuring a message board as well. I will no longer post recruiting info on Dukes Court, so be sure to check for all of your Duquesne basketball recruiting information.

Will Michael Davenport sign with Duquesne?

I got a scoop this morning on the Dukes' most recent scholarship offer. Ron Everhart has offered 6'3 Michael Davenport a shooting guard from Cincinnati OH a scholarship. Check out for the details.


craig said...

the new columns are good. do you think RE has something up his sleeve or knows something we dont(like james is coming back or that harris will be good) and thats why he hasnt offered a 'big' yet?

The Chief said...


I am so PSYCHED!!! That is truly a testament to, not only the hard work you do at Duke's Court - but also to the wonderful way you present the coverage of the Dukes here on the site! Great job!