Friday, April 4, 2008

Is April the best sports month of the year?

April is a wonderful time to be a sports fan.

  • The Pens are gearing up for a long playoff run
  • Baseball season started (this is a good thing for those of us who are masochistic Pirates fans like myself)
  • The Final Four is a day away
  • The NFL Draft is April 26th
  • April 16th is the beginning of the NCAA Basketball signing period which runs through May 21st, which means we should expect to see Ron Everhart announce the names of some new recruits very soon.
  • The NBA playoffs are later this month, and did I mention I am in first place (by two small points) in my Yahoo NBA fantasy winners league?
What makes this April so exciting is that the Pens look like they have a legit shot at the Stanley Cup. Pens playoff hockey ranks very high on my list of favorite sporting events to watch. I was in heaven earlier this week when I watched the Pens game on Vs. and then flipped to the Pirates game (a game they actually won) on FSN during commercials. The Pirates are actually off to a 2-1 start, and both of those wins were against the hated Atlanta Braves. While I have no delusions about the Pirates cracking .500 this year it is nice to see them take a series in Atlanta. The one drawback to April is that there is no football, but the NFL Draft helps fill the void there. Once hockey and basketball are over it is going to be a long summer of watching the Buccos.


Thorton Mellon said...

April is hands down best month in sports. NCAA finals, basbeball opening and NFL draft bring hope with the breaking weather, and two sports that are great to watch when the players actually play hard (hockey and pro hoops-go Lakers!)are in full swing. Without a doubt my favorite time of year.

Thorton Mellon said...

End of October is pretty darn solid too...

Pens said...

I feel you on that one brother. It gets pretty upsetting sometimes though when you've been waiting all off-season for them to play the season, then they turn out so bad you end up losing pocket loads on bets! Yes my friend, that is the worst!

-Daniel P