Friday, December 28, 2007

Dayton and Drake get some blog love

Storming The Floor lists Dayton and Drake amongst their early season winners in a recent post. Dayton is off to a crazy 10-1 start featuring a victory over Lousville. The Dukes travel to Dayton on February 13th to play the Flyers. I haven't been this scared to play the Flyers since the monstrous 7'0 Sean Finn (pictured right) was dawning a Dayton uniform. Dayton is receiving votes in the AP Top 25 and is in many Top 25 polls around the country.

Drake has continued its winning ways since dispatching the Dukes on December 1st. Drake is 9-1 and is in great shape going into conference play. I don't think I'll be able to let the Drake game go for the rest of the season. We played like crap, on the road, and still almost won. The annoying thing is that Drake has been getting a lot of national attention for starting out the season so strong and if the Dukes had won that game I think Duquesne would be getting more national press, 7-3 just isn't as nice looking as 8-2. Drake is currently receiving votes in the AP Top 25 and is in the Top 25 in many polls around the country.


goduquesne12 said...

dayton vs pitt will be a heck of a game tommorow.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

indeed. Dayton on the road should be a good test for the Panthers

phildogg said...

Dayton is always a good gsme and as far a Drake goes, they won against us in a home court tournament. We got paid to go in there and coaches know that the homer is possible. (The two consecutive in-bounds turnovers, these can be called almost everytime a team casually in bounds an uncontested change of possession)

Wait until Feb. and the Drake loss won't be so important.

Scoville said...

Good scheduling on the part of Jamie Dixon. Dayton is a tough place to play - so if you are going on the road there, do it over semester break.