Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dukes look good in retro jerseys, win by 16

I caved and dropped 50$ on the retro "Stormin' Norman" jersey

The Dukes looked like garbage in the first half but put things together in the 2nd half with inspired play from Kojo Mensah and the Jacksons.

  • Kojo played well leading all scorers with 22 points and 6 assists
  • Reggie Jackson played his best game at Duquesne dropping 14 points, 9 assists, and 7 boards
  • Damian Saunders looked wonderful all around but especially on defense, he had 4 blocks and 2 steals
  • I was disappointed in Shawn James and Kieron tonight, Bobby Moe had no post players to speak of and both failed to dominate or take advantage inside.
  • Kieron missed his first shot from the block and never seemed to regain his confidence. I love Kieron but he just seems to lack that fire that makes a talented player great.
  • My father and I shared some adult beverages with Garry Nelson, one half of the famous Nelson twins from Duquesne's great early 70s teams.
  • Ron Everhart continued his trend of playing the two platoon system in the first half and then playing a shorter bench in the 2nd half. This strategy has worked effectively, the two platoon seems to wear out the opposing team and then the 7 select Dukes pull away from the their opponent in the 2nd half.

Sadly the Dukes next game against South Carolina Upstate, a 5pm tip on Sunday, now will interrupt the Steelers 4pm game against the Ravens. Stupid flex scheduling.

The Dukes are now 8-3 and are in a good position to win their next three games against South Carolina Upstate, Bowling Green and Fordham.


CapitolMAN said...

Lookin' good, Norm.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

That's "Stormin' Norman" to you

Scoville said...

Nice jersey - haven't seen those for sale.

- I thought Keiron played well down the stretch - especially when James was in foul trouble.

- The lack of inside scoring seems to do more with the guards not passing it inside at the right time than anything else.

- Towards the end of the game - Damien Saunders apparently came down with leprosy, as no one wanted to pass him the rock.

- I think this was a "bad win," if there is such a thing. Start poorly, allow the other team open shots/easy baskets, and then come back to win big. May work against RMU, URI or UMASS though? Not as likely.

- RMU's mascot is an agile dude.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

The jersey was on sale for the first time at the stands at the Palumbo last night. The jersey is 50$ and they do take debit and credit cards.

You make a valid point about the post players not being fed the ball by the guards, however I feel that James and Achara do not do a good enough job of posting up on the block in order to receive a pass. The key for James or Achara is to establish position down low and then look for an entry pass. Kieron has learned to do this fairly well but once he misses a shot he wont go down on the block again, or at least is hesistant to.

Kieron did what he had to do when James was in foul trouble, agreed. But that isn't good enough for me, i want more from Achara. If the Dukes are going to be serious about being in the NIT or NCAA tournament Achara needs to step it up.

Saunders was great last night and he should have been given more of a chance in the final 8-10 minutes of the game on the offensive side of the court.

You are totally right, the Dukes effort last night would not have been enough to beat a mediocre A10 team, they can't allow open 3s and turn the ball over so many times.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

The Bobby Moe Mascot was ok. I thought the costume was alright, very modern. I especially liked the long hair in a pony tail, very colonial. The mascot seemed to joke around too much for my liking, but i do respect anyone who can do cartwheels in a big mascot suit for a mediocre college team.

Good mascots are a lost art.

VBC said...

When I saw Garry sitting with you and your dad I pointed him out to one of my friends. My friend asked how I can tell them apart so easily. I told him it's very easy. Garry lives here and Barry lives in Texas so I always assume it's Garry.