Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Day After

Our new rankings after the win over the Bonnies:

RPI: #67
This was a bit of a surprise since after we lost to Fordham last weekend our RPI was 59.

Sagarin: #41
We were at 40 after we lost to Fordham

Kenpom/Pomeroy: #54
Pomeroy is still predicting that Duquesne will defeat UMass, but now they predict we will lose to Temple, Charlotte, Dayton, and Xavier. Charlotte deserves some respect, they are now 12-6 and 3-1 in the A10 with wins over Clemson, Wake Forest, Davidson, Temple, and St. Joe's on the season.


I was a bit hard on the Dukes in my wrap up of the game last night. I do stand by my opinion that the effort the Dukes gave last night will not be good enough to defeat teams in the upper echelon of the A10. The Dukes will host another struggling A10 team Saturday night at 7pm when George Washington comes to town, (more on that game tomorrow).


Shawn James' injury:

Shawn James bruised the underside of his left kneecap and suffered a mild medial collateral ligament sprain in the same knee during practice on Monday. James had an MRI done late Tuesday which showed no further damage. His status for Saturday's game against George Washington is not known at this time.
Kieron Achara stepped up and had a big game last night in James' absense. A lot of Dukes fans have been upset about Achara's play lately, and it was nice to see Kieron step it up a notch with James out of the lineup. Granted the Bonnies are a team in rebuilding mode but still I missed seeing Kieron battle down low.


Anonymous said...

You were not too hard in your assessment last night.

Last night's performance may have been good enough to beat the Bonnies and perhaps LaSalle. Actually, I am becoming alarmed at the lack of progress with this team.

I know Shawn was out last night and Kieron and Fayne played reasonably well, but the only real positive to come out of last night was a win.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your revision of last night's assessment. There is only so much you can do against an inferior opponent, and the Dukes did it.

Many areas were very good, some areas just okay. All in all, good enough to win.

Go Dukes!

Matt H said...

People can say what they want about Achara but he has a lot of crap going on right now outside of basketball.