Thursday, January 10, 2008

The numbers

The Dukes now have an RPI of 41


The Dukes are now ranked 26th in the Sagarin Rankings

Imagine what a win at Rhode Island would do for the Dukes?


Niagara, a team that Duquesne defeated earlier this year at the Palumbo Center, received 1 vote in the AP Top 25 Poll.

Xavier, Rhode Island and Dayton are now all ranked in the AP Top 25 and Umass is receiving votes.

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Scoville said...

Bit of a shake up in the A-10 last night though. It could be good or bad for the Dukes.
- St. Joes beats UMASS in UMASS. This could make a Dukes win in UMASS mean less, but it could make a Dukes win against UMASS and St. Joes mean that much more.
- Charlotte beats Clemson on the road. Again - if the Dukes beat Charlotte, it helps the RPI, but it may have Charlotte jump the Dukes, as it could be a signature non conference win. Clemson sort of falls apart this time every year - last year they lost to Elon - whatever that is - at home.
- Dayton hold on to beat URI at Dayton. I was hoping URI would pull it out, and then not be ready to play the Dukes this weekend. That's fine though - the Dukes are streaking, as they were last year when they played the Rams. Time for some payback.