Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Day After

Here are our new rankings after the Dayton upset:

RPI: #77
Kenpom/Pomeroy: #68
Sagarin: #51

The Dukes are now 16-7 and have locked up a winning season for the first time since 1994-94. Duquesne plays Richmond at home on Saturday night at the Palumbo Center. I'll be there, and I am planning on being at Shale's pre and postgame for some adults beverages, I am inviting all Duquesne's fans to come out to celebrate the Dayton upset.

PG Game Wrapup
Trib Wrapup

From the Trib article:

"Everhart met Aaron Jackson in a hallway moments after the victory, and the two embraced as Jackson congratulated his coach for his 200th win.
'I should be congratulating you,' Everhart said, looking Jackson in the eyes. 'That was good.'"


jaygeekray said...

Ya gotta believe !!!! I almost fell off the wagon Feb 2nd, but now I got my seat belt fastened snugly around me and my case of Iron City...LET'S GO DUKES !!!

Is anybody heading out to Atlantic City ????
The Championship website really makes it loook like a great time...

jaygeekray said...

Hope to see you at Shales ... depends on whether I go to the game with my son or brother...

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

If you do go to Shale's please stop by and say hello. It looks like I'll be going solo to the game on Saturday so I'll need some friends to drink with at Shale's.