Friday, February 15, 2008

Running into a couple Dukes

I ran into Reggie Jackson and Phillip Fayne at the South Side Dairy Queen last night. My finance and I had tickets to see The 13th of Paris at The City Theater so we decided to get some Blizzards as a Valentine's day treat. We walked in the side door and I saw Reggie Jackson in his Duquesne warm-up suit standing by the door on the phone. I immediately said hello and told Reggie that I was a big fan and congratulated him on the Dayton upset. Reggie seemed shocked that someone recognized him; he smiled and thanked me for my kind words. At that point I left Reggie alone to do his own thing and my fiancé and I ordered and sat down.

5 minutes later Phillip Fayne walks in the door. I am a big Phillip Fayne fan, the guy is freaking "Charlie Hustle" after all. Reggie and Phillip sat down together and ate a nutritious Brazier DQ meal. When we got up to leave I walked over and wished Reggie and Phillip good luck against Richmond on Saturday. They immediately asked me if I would be at the game. I responded, "Of course. I'll be the guy screaming at the refs." They both chuckled and we said goodbye.


I found this preseason Richmond preview on the Duquesne forum.

Richmond fans don't like their chances against the Dukes, here is a link to their message board on