Monday, February 25, 2008

The Day After

Here are our new rankings after the loss to La Salle:

RPI: #100
Kenpom/Pomeroy: #90
Sagarin: #73

Duquesne has lost 3 in a row, including home loses to two teams the Dukes were favored to beat, Richmond and La Salle. Are the Dukes falling apart like they did last year? Losing to La Salle at home sure indicates the beginning of a bad stretch of games in my mind. The Dukes have three games remaining on their regular season schedule, at Charlotte, at Temple, and home against Saint Louis. None of these games will be easy, and the game at Charlotte really scares me because Charlotte has defeated several teams who have a lot better credentials than Duquesne this year. The Dukes have all week to stew on their 3 game losing streak, let's hope Ron Everhart can right the ship.

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