Monday, February 25, 2008

Aaron Jackson is "Ajax"

Dukes Court reader's have spoken and it's official, Aaron Jackson's nickname will be "Ajax"!

Here are the results of our poll:
62% of readers voted for "Ajax"
22% for "Action Jackson"
14% for something else

Ajax is the perfect nickname for Aaron Jackson. First things first, Ajax sounds like a shorter quicker way of saying Aaron Jackson, plus Aaron cleans the boards like Ajax. Aaron also is a hard worker on defense, much like Ajax is a hard worker against grime and dish grease.

Ajax is also the name of a mythological Greek hero Ajax The Great. Ajax is described as of great stature and colossal frame, the tallest and strongest of all the Achaeans, second only to his cousin Achilles in skill-at-arms. Aaron Jackson will never be described as having "great stature" but he plays big and is certainly tough.

Hollywood big man Tyler Mane played Ajax in Troy.

I liked the nickname "Action Jackson" for Aaron, but the people have spoken

Aaron, you have a nickname, now it is your charge to get this team turned around and get us a win Sunday at Charlotte!

1 comment:

EddieSpaghetti said...

Ajax was also the ultra-violent, homophobic member of the Coney Island gang in "Warriors". I guess means Kojo is Cochise and Xavier is the Gramercy Riffs..

Anyway - I'm all for calling Damian Saunders "the Colonel"...